Because of the Coronavirus outbreak since the end of last year, people have to stay at home and minimize to do outdoor activities. In this situation, people try to find a new hobby to spend their time on. Fishkeeping is a new trend hobby which is popular nowadays. Neon tetra, betta fish, guppy fish, and goldfish are popular fish for the home aquarium. Even though this is not a new hobby generally, many people started to do fishkeeping since the pandemic started. This hobby becomes a great hobby because of some reasons.

Reasons Why Fish Keeping Is a Great Hobby:

  • Cheap maintenance

When you start to do this hobby, you don’t have to spend much money on maintenance. For the beginner, you can start with buying a small item of the aquarium and simple accessories along with cheap fish types. Fish is also a kind of animal which do not spend too much space for them to move.

  • Avoid depression

Fish is a very quiet animal and does not make any hard voice at all. This is very advantageous for them who like peace situation. Different from other home pets which may cause noise and disturb the neighborhood, fish is very calming and refreshing. Only by watching them swim can help owners to release their stress and avoid depression.

  • No harm or allergies

Usually, the pet will cause some harm or allergies for the owner or other people around. For example, cats and dogs may cause harm when they are angry and destroy everything at home. The fur and saliva may cause allergies for anyone who is staying around the pet. Meanwhile, anyone will not get harm or allergies when you start to do fishkeeping.

The Most Popular Fish For Aquarium

There are two types of fish which mostly used for aquariums. The first one is freshwater fish, and the other one is saltwater fish. Both types of fish have their characteristics and difficulties for the maintenance problem. However, it will always depend on the budget and skill of each of the fish keepers to choose which fish is better.

Freshwater fish is usually chosen by a beginner because the species are much cheaper than saltwater fish. They are also easier to take care of because they can adapt to the home water easily. Also, freshwater fish do not need much more additional decoration for their home. Below are the most popular freshwater aquarium fish for beginners:

  1. Neon tetra
  2. Betta fish
  3. Golden fish
  4. Guppies
  5. Angelfish

On the other side, saltwater fish is more expensive and harder for maintenance. This is because the species need to adapt to the artificial home which is quite different from their original habitation. However, the money you spend on saltwater fish will never disappoint you because they are prettier and more fascinating than seawater fish. The color of this type of fish is more colorful and beautiful. Below are the most popular saltwater fish for aquarium:

  1. Clownfish
  2. Green Chromis
  3. Wrasses
  4. Cardinalfish
  5. Coral beauty

5 Good Fish Guide For Beginner

As a beginner, you have to learn more about fish, tank, maintenance, and foods. Those factors will contribute the most when you start to do this hobby. Nowadays, you can easily search for information from the internet about guidelines for being a fish keeper.

  1. Choose the best size of fish tank

The fish tank is the home for your fish pet. As a home, you have to provide the most comfortable and enough space for them. Some types of fish such as neon tetra have small size body so it does not need a big tank for them. However, when you want to mix the fish with the other types of fish, make sure that they still have space for themselves. Fish is also a territorial animal so they will mark the area only for their hordes.

The fish tank also must be fitted with the room or area in your home. The best placement of fish tanks is the area near the window because fish will get the best air circulation and lighting. However, if the room is a closed-room area, make sure to give artificial lighting from the lamp so it can avoid mold grew inside the tank.

If beginners decide to choose a larger tank, you must understand that tank maintenance for the large or big tank will spend more of your money. The fish tank will need more species and more decoration for the inside. Then, the maintenance must be done once a week so it also will spend your time more to clean the tank and all decorations.

  1. Consider the species inside the tank

As a beginner, you must learn the species of fish that you will put into the aquarium. Each type of fish has its characteristics which may differ from one to the other. If possible, do not put carnivore and omnivore fish in the same tank, and, consider the size of each species. Bigger and carnivore fish may eat all of your smaller fish if you put them together.

Some fish are aggressive and some others are calm and quiet. The calm and quiet fish usually spend more of their time to swim in the base of the tank and make a little movement. Guppy Fish, Betta Fish, Tiger Pleco have the same characteristics as calm fish so we can put them together. On the other hand, Angelfish and Cichlid are aggressive fish that may hurt other fish but they can share the same tank.

Following the first point, you also must consider the tank size when deciding the species that live inside. If you have a smaller tank, choose small size of fish so they still have more space to move around the tank. Do not force big fish to live inside a smaller tank because it will cause stress for them. Moreover, its small tank makes the species inside fight each other to maintain their territory.

  1. Always keep the tank clean

The best tank for fish can be the best home for the species which live inside it. At least, we need to clean the freshwater fish tank once in 4 weeks, and once in 2 weeks for saltwater fish. Saltwater aquariums need harder work than freshwater tanks. You can put a water filter inside the tank to minimize the dirt caused by the fish. At the same time, the plants that you put as decoration also can cause dirt so it is important to put the filter inside.

However, you also still need to change the water regularly. The filter only helps to catch the dirt but did not give freshwater without contamination. Then, you also need to clean the filter and throw away all dirt inside the filter. If you let the dirty water as a habitat for your fish, you may cause a big problem since the mold and bad bacteria can live inside the fish’s body. Do not forget to clean the decorations you put inside to make it more shining after cleaning.

  1. Feed them regularly

Fish is an animal that does not make any noise when they are hungry and need additional food. Because they are so calm, we have to know the right time when we need to feed them. Regular feeding does not mean that we have to give them food once an hour. The feeding time will always depend on the type of fish we have. Some of them need food twice a day, and some of them only once a day.

Smaller fish usually need to be fed twice a day. We can give those fish food such as flakes and pellets for herbivore and omnivore fish. While, for carnivore fish, we can give them plankton, small shrimp, blood worm, or krill. You do not always need fresh food for them. Frozen food will never be a problem for them. The key is, you have to give them an adequate amount of food every day.

  1.  Separate the sick fish into a different tank

A sick fish usually give us differences for example from the way they swim or move in another direction, how they catch the food we give to them, and have skin sore along in his body. For some types of fish, they will give a significant change in body colors. The color will fade day by day and the fish will look pale and grey. The sick fish usually stay more on the bottom of the tank because they do not have to swim and move more.

Mostly, the fish got sick because of the bacteria and mold in the tank or attached to this body. If this condition happens to your fish, you need to separate them from the others and put them into the different tank for quarantine. Then, you can start to pour antibiotics into the tank and let them stay for a while. Do not forget to give them food and good lighting while you put them separately.

To avoid this condition, you have to check the water quality time by time and clean the tank regularly. Usually, bacteria can grow more in dirty water and the surface of the tank. You also can add algae eater fish to help you cleaning the aquariums. This kind of fish will eat algae and mold live in the tank.

Common Mistake Done By Beginner Fishkeeper

As a beginner, it is understandable if you make some mistakes to take care of the aquarium and all species inside. This is the reason why beginners must learn from other fishkeepers and read related information from books or the internet. Therefore, you need to learn the below articles to avoid further mistakes and always keep the species safe.

  1. Overfeeding fish

Overfeeding is very common when you just start a new hobby as a fishkeeper. A beginner is usually too excited to have the fish and always satisfy when the fish eat all the food given to them. However, this is the first mistake you have taken so far. Fish will never avoid the food you give to them no matter they are still full from previous food.

You also need to understand that the leftover food you give to the fish will always remain on the bottom of the tank. If you keep feeding them all the time, the leftover will cause other harm to your fish. For instant food, it will make ammonia sedimentation and will make your fish sick. Similar to humans, if you put them together with the wasted food, they will face uncomfortable in the tank.

  1. Put the wrong fish type in the same tank

As we know, some fish is calm, and others are fierce and aggressive. You must understand that if you put the aggressive with the calm one together, the calm fish will never get the chance to have their space. Especially when you feed the fish, all food will be eaten by the aggressive one with their quick speed. Later, calm fish cannot get the food you give to them.

Also, some carnivore fish really will it other omnivore fish especially if they have a smaller size than the carnivore. Do not get disappointed when you go out of the home and cannot find your omnivore fish. Your carnivore fish may eat them while you do not pay attention to them.

  1. Overcleaning the tank

Same as overfeeding, overcleaning is commonly done by a beginner. They are too excited to start this hobby, they will never let any single dirt and mold in the tank. Making sure that the tank is clean is good for their home, however, you have to know some bacteria is also good for your tank. The good bacteria will help the fish to absorb ammonia from the fish and food waste. Besides, the mold will help them to adapt easily to their new habitation especially for freshwater fish like neon tetra, betta, and guppies.