The Simple Steps to Start Having an Aquarium

Nowadays, the aquarium has been one of the most popular hobbies during this pandemic. Even before the pandemic, people love having a fish tank in the house. Although it might be quite unique, but having an aquarium will never disappoint you. Fishes are unique and will be a good companion at home. besides, if you have a good aquarium, then your house will be more attractive with pretty fishes. When it comes to you to get a good freshwater aquarium fish, then you need to know what you need for it. Don’t hesitate to choose some aquarium materials and others, as you will find plenty of variations when you want to get them.

Preparing Your Aquarium for Fishes

Are you looking for a good aquarium and you want to keep the fish at the house? You can simply choose some aquarium and put them in your house. However, you will find a lot of easiness when you prepare the fish. However, you can also get some basic knowledge on how you need to prepare all the needs for the new members of the family. So, if you’re new to make a fish tank aquarium, you need to know some of the basic knowledge to understand.

  1. Aquariums are made of different materials and sizes. It affects the condition inside the tank. Therefore, before you purchase the aquariums, you need to know what kind of aquarium you need for the fishes. So, understand the types and the materials of the aquariums you need for the dishes. Consider the size of your room to make it more comfortable.
  2. Make sure you know the types of fishes. Learn about the fishes and what types of fish you should put together in a tank and which ones shouldn’t be in a part of the tank. Freshwater aquarium fish can be quite unique and simple, especially if you’re looking for a simple yet lively decoration at home. Of course, learning about the fishes will not make you get dizzy. It will make you feel comfortable to know about the pet.
  3. Get to know about the treatments and other special needs for the fishes. Make sure you know about the tips and tricks to make your experience of keeping fish in a tank more unforgettable. It also gives you a sense of peace when choosing fishes. Therefore, you will love every second when you work with the fishes.

Those are some things you need to know when you want to improve your experience when you keep the fish at home. However, it can make you feel more relaxed when you choose the right size and material option for the aquarium. Never hesitate to choose an aquarium that will make your experience of keeping fish as pets more fun.

The Steps of Preparing the Fish Tanks

When you want to get a good aquarium for decorating your house, you need to know how you can explore the design and other aspects of the house. It might be simple for you to get your house decorated with the aquarium but it also will improve your sense of belonging towards the aquarium. You will also make it to be in your style, which will be very fun to have. Here are some steps you can consider when you want to set your aquarium:

  1. After you find the right aquarium with the right size and material, you will need to bring them to home. Remember to keep them in the right place. Besides, you can also take them with care, as it will make your aquarium to be better. As you can choose the material, you will also know how to handle them.
  2. Make sure you have decided where to put the fish tank. Although it might be quite challenging, you can also combine the decoration with the aquarium concept. Indeed, planning to have a good aquarium look will not make you regret it. As it might be quite simple for you to get, you will find a lot of simple things that will add attractiveness to your home. put the tank in the right place that will be good to improve your home decoration.
  3. Before you can start to fill the tank with water and fishes, you will need to rinse them and all the ornaments in the aquarium. It will make sure that the ornaments and the tank will be free from dust. You can also add gravel slowly, so you will get them to decorate the aquarium with a simple look. Don’t put them too hard, as they can cause damage to the aquarium.
  4. With the tap water, make sure you can fill the tank. If necessary, you will need to use a hose to make it faster. Freshwater aquarium fish will also help you to make your house look more attractive. Don’t hesitate when you need to look for a good aquarium, as you will get them to be yours. Tap water will make the pH to be balanced. However, you will need to fill the tank slowly so you don’t ruin the tank and make it cloudy. Make sure you also get the right amount of water, based on how many fish you will keep inside them.
  5. If you put any filter in the aquarium, then you need to make sure to put them on. If the fishes need warm water, then you might want to put a heater in it. Make sure you know how you can turn them on to boost the performance of your aquarium. Make sure you can choose plenty of things that might be simple to use.
  6. If you want to create a good environment for the fishes in freshwater aquarium fish, you need to also put some treatments in it. However, you will also need to know the dosage of the treatment so you don’t have to be worried about the water condition for your fishes to live and grow.
  7. Make sure you create a good environment that will support the life of the fishes. Allow the tank to cycle, as it will create a filter that will be healthy for the fish. Add a pinch of fish food in the water and it will break down to be ammonia. It will produce bacteria that will start to act as a cycle in your aquarium.

Your aquarium might be quite attractive to have. You can also put some things that will be good to consider. Besides, you will also find a lot of additions to your aquarium, that will make it even healthier for the fishes. Some fishes will be a good house decoration. Besides, they will also help you to develop your sense of love towards the animal. Of course, you will love them even more!

The Important Treatments for Home Aquarium

The aquarium is the place for your fishes to live and grow. They can live healthily just when you prepare a good environment for them. As they will love the environment, you will also feel comfortable when you choose the treatment. However, you will also need to do some preparations to keep them healthy and good for your aquarium. Here are some advices for for you to consider:

  1. Make sure you prepare a proper water temperature for the fishes. Remember, fishes need a particular temperature to live perfectly and healthily. By considering the temperature, your fish will live in its optimal environment. Of course, the aquarium will be more than just healthy for the fishes!
  2. Set the water based on the need of the fishes. Remember, different fishes will need different water. It will make you feel comfortable when setting the right amount of water for your fishes. Freshwater aquarium fish will not even make it difficult for you to care, as you will not find it as something bothering.
  3. Make sure you get the right lighting for the aquarium. Placing the aquarium in a good place with proper lighting will improve the environmental quality of the fishes, making them more comfortable to live in. Of course, you will not regret having them at home.
  4. Clean the aquarium as your routine. When it comes to you to clean them, make sure you clean and rinse them thoroughly to remove any dirt and other proteins that make the aquarium gets dirty. Don’t hesitate to choose the right treatment for the freshwater aquarium fish that will be good to have. It will also make your aquarium healthier for the fishes!

So, those are some insights you can know for the home aquarium. You will love how the fishes add colors and live to your home. Besides of being a good option for you who love the animals in your home, you will also need to prepare them perfectly. You can also choose some ornaments that will complete your home décor. It will also make your home look more festive, especially if you make small fountains in the aquarium to add accents and other things. Of course, you will really love having the aquarium at home.

Choosing the Right Fishes to Complete Your Fish Tank

Are you looking for a unique, exotic pet to complete your house? A fish tank filled with exotic fishes like betta fish can be your choice. Many households have been keeping freshwater fishes in their houses, making it a hobby that completes the look of a house. Indeed, keeping freshwater fishes in the tank will help you to have a sense of belonging towards the fishes. It becomes a safe yet popular option for everyone who’s into keeping pets. But, what fishes can be placed in the tank, and how you can get them? What things do you need to prepare to welcome the colorful fishes in the house? We’ll uncover them all in this article.

Why Choose Tropical Fishes?

Choosing a pet is something challenging as it will reflect how you are and what you manifest in life. Fishes can be one of the most attractive pet that will give you comfort when you have them. It gives you lots of benefits when you choose a pet. Besides, fishes like betta fish are easy to find and will not demand plenty of treatments. It’s simple to pet, cheap and not noisy. If you’re looking for a simple option for having pets at home, tropical fishes can be your choice. But, what makes it more suitable for your home rather than cats and dogs? Here are some reasons for you to choose tropical fishes:

  1. It will not be noisy. If you want to take care of the pets but don’t want your house to be noisy, then fishes can be your best option. Fishes will not meow, bark, or make other noises that will make you feel disturbed at home.
  2. They are cheaper than dogs and cats. Although the exotic, super rare fishes can be quite expensive, you will still have lots of benefits by choosing the fishes. As they are more affordable, you will find it as a smart option for keeping pets at home.
  3. Fishes can be good decoration at home. You can choose a unique aquarium that will be good and attractive to put in your rooms. However, most of the aquariums need to be fitted with the house decoration so you will get a pretty house.
  4. Keeping fishes at home will also relax your mind and body. As you choose to keep the fish, you will also have time to take care of them, feeding the fishes, and even clean the aquariums. Decorating the aquariums will also be a unique experience for you.

Choosing tropical fishes as a pet in your house can be quite simple and perfect to choose. As you find the right fish with simple treatment and care, you will enjoy having fish as your pet at home. Remember to choose good food and an aquarium to make sure your fishes live well. You can provide a healthy, clean aquarium to boost the health and overall condition.

The Tropical Beauties to Put in Your Tank

If you’re looking for a colorful fish tank, then choosing the varieties of fishes will be important. As you might know, you can find lots of benefitting factors that will make your house look more attractive to the fishes. In case you want to choose a tank full of colorful tropical fishes, you need to understand what types of fish will be suitable for your tank. So, we’ll give you 10 fishes to put in your tank to create such a colorful, fun home for you and your family. Here are some fishes that will put color to your tank:

  1. Neon Tetra

This fish is small and easy to care for. If you love to have a tank with small fishes in swarms, then you will be happy with this species. Neon Tetra has a vivid color that will not make you feel bored watching them. Their bright red and blue colors make them visible in the dark. As you can keep them easily, they will not give you any difficulty when you need to keep them healthy in the tank. They can grow up to 2.2cm in length and love to be in swarms. If you have a small aquarium, then this fish can be a go for you. They are easy to feed, as you can feed them shrimp, brine, worms, and insects. Plants will also do for their foods.

  1. Oscars

Considered as one of the most intelligent fish in the aquarium, Oscars will make you fall in love with its appearance. It can be trained to do tricks and will make it fun keeping them as pets. They tend to live in solitary and not in the community. They can also grow large and big in a short time! However, they need to be maintained carefully as they are categorized as a carnivore and they can produce many wastes. The fun thing when having this fish as a pet is how you can feed them from your hand.

  1. Guppies

It is a colorful, lively fish that will be adaptive to many water conditions. This is the reason why Guppies have become so popular among fish enthusiasts. They can also live with simple care, making them easy to care and you will love how easy they are to keep in a tank. Keep the Guppies in sets of three, and each guppy needs 1 gallon in the tanks. If you want to keep them as decorative fish, then you might want to choose the males. It is because males have more vibrant colors than females. They live in the water with a temperature of 10°-29°Celcius. Keep in mind they need to live at a consistent temperature.

  1. Mollies

Looking for a peaceful species to live in your tank. They can grow up to 3-4 inches. They will also adapt to a variety of water conditions, which will make them easy to care for. Mollies can live perfectly in a minimum tank size of 20 gallons with warm temperature with pH conditions around 7.0-7.8. The Mollies are omnivorous, so they can eat any kind of food, from plants to small worms. The unique thing about Mollies is they gave birth rather than laying eggs. It means, they will also easy to care for. But, if you want to learn more and adapt to Mollies’ habits, you might want to keep single-sex in your tank.

  1. Platies

If you love having the colorful fishes in tanks, then Platies can be one of the most suitable species for you. They are community fish, which makes them get along very well with mollies and guppies. As they tend to live in a community, they will need to live in 10 gallons for 5 fishes. They are omnivorous but need more herbivorous foods than meat-based foods. Combine the foods based on plant-based and animal-based proteins.

  1. Zebra Danios

This fish will be suitable for every beginner who is interested in getting a fish as their pet. They are easy to care for, as they will also grow quite big, up to 7 cm. They also need much water, as they need to be kept in 10 gallons tanks, with a group consisting of at least 5 fish. They are also the schooling fish, and they have a tendency to get stressed when they have low members in their school. They will eat most food and will not make you stressed in choosing their menu but they will be healthiest when getting foods like worms and crustacea.

  1. Cherry Barb

Swimming peacefully with its vibrant red color, Cherry Barb is one of the most attractive fishes to put in your tank. The vibrant red color comes when the male spawns. They usually have silver/black with a golden line. They don’t like to confront others, so they will not cause any chaos inside the tank. They will grow up to 2 inches in length, so they will need 25 gallons in minimum. They are also easy to care for, as they eat most foods and will not bother you with their diet. You can also feed them with frozen foods or flake foods.

  1. Pearl Gourami

Usually grow to be quite large, this fish is one of the easiest species you can keep in the tank. You need to provide 30 gallons of water to make them comfortable. Besides, you will also need to add the hiding places with low lighting, as they will feel more comfortable and they like to hide. You can also put them with other similar fishes with similar size and temperament. Please take note not to put them with aggressive fish as they are prone to stress. They usually eat plant-based foods for their diet.

  1. Swordtails

Swimming proudly with its bright color, Swordtails can give you a peaceful impression. It is similar to platies and guppies, with the bulkier body and sword-shaped extension. They have different color variations that will make them look beautiful and stunning. They make a perfect pet for beginners. They also live in a community, so you can put some of them in the tank. They are also easy to breed, so you need to keep them away from the parents that will eat the youngsters.

  1. Discus

This unique yet beautiful fish will also be a good companion in your fish tank. It can grow to be quite large, so you need to prepare a larger tank with a minimum size of 25 gallons. They need to be treated specially, so you should keep them once you feel like you’re ready to keep the discus. They will be easier to handle by the experienced aquarist, so you need to choose them. They can be quite aggressive, so you need to house them alone without other aggressive fish. Discus will also love the variety of foods, but they are naturally carnivorous. Make sure you know the best diet for them so they will not get any difficulty in living.

Those 10 fish species will be a good option if you love having a good aquarium at home. In case you want to live with the pretty fish, you need to also know how to treat them. The perfect preparation for their tanks, foods, lighting, and temperature will be crucial to keep the fishes healthy and fit. So, make sure you know some of the most important things to keep your fishes.

The Simple Maintenance for Fish Tanks

If you love having a fish tank and you are about to get a new fish in your tank, then you can consider having the one that will be beautiful yet also healthy for the fishes in the tank. In case of choosing a good tank, you need to know what the fishes need:

  1. The good material of the aquarium will be important. Make sure you have the proper material for the aquarium and the size needs to be proper for the fishes. As you choose the material and size, you can see the need of each species, that can be quite different from one species to another. Consulting with the experts will also help you to find the aquarium that will be good to use.
  2. Make sure you know the temperature and pH of the water for the fishes. In case you start having a fish, providing a good condition of water will boost the condition of the fishes. When it comes to you to prepare the water for the fishes, you will also need a lot of preparations. Some fishes can have different needs of water condition, so you need to take notes which fish needs what temperature and water condition, like betta fish.
  3. The foods also take a very important role for the fishes. They need to have good food for a proper diet. With good nutrient intake, you can enjoy having good food with healthy foods. Make sure you choose the right foods that will make the fishes healthier.

So, those are some things that will be good for your need. As you want to get along with the fishes, you can also get the benefits from the beautiful fish. Don’t hesitate to have a good aquarium that will be perfect with betta fish. So, you will love it even more!

The Good Fish Guide For Beginner

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak since the end of last year, people have to stay at home and minimize to do outdoor activities. In this situation, people try to find a new hobby to spend their time on. Fishkeeping is a new trend hobby which is popular nowadays. Neon tetra, betta fish, guppy fish, and goldfish are popular fish for the home aquarium. Even though this is not a new hobby generally, many people started to do fishkeeping since the pandemic started. This hobby becomes a great hobby because of some reasons.

Reasons Why Fish Keeping Is a Great Hobby:

  • Cheap maintenance

When you start to do this hobby, you don’t have to spend much money on maintenance. For the beginner, you can start with buying a small item of the aquarium and simple accessories along with cheap fish types. Fish is also a kind of animal which do not spend too much space for them to move.

  • Avoid depression

Fish is a very quiet animal and does not make any hard voice at all. This is very advantageous for them who like peace situation. Different from other home pets which may cause noise and disturb the neighborhood, fish is very calming and refreshing. Only by watching them swim can help owners to release their stress and avoid depression.

  • No harm or allergies

Usually, the pet will cause some harm or allergies for the owner or other people around. For example, cats and dogs may cause harm when they are angry and destroy everything at home. The fur and saliva may cause allergies for anyone who is staying around the pet. Meanwhile, anyone will not get harm or allergies when you start to do fishkeeping.

The Most Popular Fish For Aquarium

There are two types of fish which mostly used for aquariums. The first one is freshwater fish, and the other one is saltwater fish. Both types of fish have their characteristics and difficulties for the maintenance problem. However, it will always depend on the budget and skill of each of the fish keepers to choose which fish is better.

Freshwater fish is usually chosen by a beginner because the species are much cheaper than saltwater fish. They are also easier to take care of because they can adapt to the home water easily. Also, freshwater fish do not need much more additional decoration for their home. Below are the most popular freshwater aquarium fish for beginners:

  1. Neon tetra
  2. Betta fish
  3. Golden fish
  4. Guppies
  5. Angelfish

On the other side, saltwater fish is more expensive and harder for maintenance. This is because the species need to adapt to the artificial home which is quite different from their original habitation. However, the money you spend on saltwater fish will never disappoint you because they are prettier and more fascinating than seawater fish. The color of this type of fish is more colorful and beautiful. Below are the most popular saltwater fish for aquarium:

  1. Clownfish
  2. Green Chromis
  3. Wrasses
  4. Cardinalfish
  5. Coral beauty

5 Good Fish Guide For Beginner

As a beginner, you have to learn more about fish, tank, maintenance, and foods. Those factors will contribute the most when you start to do this hobby. Nowadays, you can easily search for information from the internet about guidelines for being a fish keeper.

  1. Choose the best size of fish tank

The fish tank is the home for your fish pet. As a home, you have to provide the most comfortable and enough space for them. Some types of fish such as neon tetra have small size body so it does not need a big tank for them. However, when you want to mix the fish with the other types of fish, make sure that they still have space for themselves. Fish is also a territorial animal so they will mark the area only for their hordes.

The fish tank also must be fitted with the room or area in your home. The best placement of fish tanks is the area near the window because fish will get the best air circulation and lighting. However, if the room is a closed-room area, make sure to give artificial lighting from the lamp so it can avoid mold grew inside the tank.

If beginners decide to choose a larger tank, you must understand that tank maintenance for the large or big tank will spend more of your money. The fish tank will need more species and more decoration for the inside. Then, the maintenance must be done once a week so it also will spend your time more to clean the tank and all decorations.

  1. Consider the species inside the tank

As a beginner, you must learn the species of fish that you will put into the aquarium. Each type of fish has its characteristics which may differ from one to the other. If possible, do not put carnivore and omnivore fish in the same tank, and, consider the size of each species. Bigger and carnivore fish may eat all of your smaller fish if you put them together.

Some fish are aggressive and some others are calm and quiet. The calm and quiet fish usually spend more of their time to swim in the base of the tank and make a little movement. Guppy Fish, Betta Fish, Tiger Pleco have the same characteristics as calm fish so we can put them together. On the other hand, Angelfish and Cichlid are aggressive fish that may hurt other fish but they can share the same tank.

Following the first point, you also must consider the tank size when deciding the species that live inside. If you have a smaller tank, choose small size of fish so they still have more space to move around the tank. Do not force big fish to live inside a smaller tank because it will cause stress for them. Moreover, its small tank makes the species inside fight each other to maintain their territory.

  1. Always keep the tank clean

The best tank for fish can be the best home for the species which live inside it. At least, we need to clean the freshwater fish tank once in 4 weeks, and once in 2 weeks for saltwater fish. Saltwater aquariums need harder work than freshwater tanks. You can put a water filter inside the tank to minimize the dirt caused by the fish. At the same time, the plants that you put as decoration also can cause dirt so it is important to put the filter inside.

However, you also still need to change the water regularly. The filter only helps to catch the dirt but did not give freshwater without contamination. Then, you also need to clean the filter and throw away all dirt inside the filter. If you let the dirty water as a habitat for your fish, you may cause a big problem since the mold and bad bacteria can live inside the fish’s body. Do not forget to clean the decorations you put inside to make it more shining after cleaning.

  1. Feed them regularly

Fish is an animal that does not make any noise when they are hungry and need additional food. Because they are so calm, we have to know the right time when we need to feed them. Regular feeding does not mean that we have to give them food once an hour. The feeding time will always depend on the type of fish we have. Some of them need food twice a day, and some of them only once a day.

Smaller fish usually need to be fed twice a day. We can give those fish food such as flakes and pellets for herbivore and omnivore fish. While, for carnivore fish, we can give them plankton, small shrimp, blood worm, or krill. You do not always need fresh food for them. Frozen food will never be a problem for them. The key is, you have to give them an adequate amount of food every day.

  1.  Separate the sick fish into a different tank

A sick fish usually give us differences for example from the way they swim or move in another direction, how they catch the food we give to them, and have skin sore along in his body. For some types of fish, they will give a significant change in body colors. The color will fade day by day and the fish will look pale and grey. The sick fish usually stay more on the bottom of the tank because they do not have to swim and move more.

Mostly, the fish got sick because of the bacteria and mold in the tank or attached to this body. If this condition happens to your fish, you need to separate them from the others and put them into the different tank for quarantine. Then, you can start to pour antibiotics into the tank and let them stay for a while. Do not forget to give them food and good lighting while you put them separately.

To avoid this condition, you have to check the water quality time by time and clean the tank regularly. Usually, bacteria can grow more in dirty water and the surface of the tank. You also can add algae eater fish to help you cleaning the aquariums. This kind of fish will eat algae and mold live in the tank.

Common Mistake Done By Beginner Fishkeeper

As a beginner, it is understandable if you make some mistakes to take care of the aquarium and all species inside. This is the reason why beginners must learn from other fishkeepers and read related information from books or the internet. Therefore, you need to learn the below articles to avoid further mistakes and always keep the species safe.

  1. Overfeeding fish

Overfeeding is very common when you just start a new hobby as a fishkeeper. A beginner is usually too excited to have the fish and always satisfy when the fish eat all the food given to them. However, this is the first mistake you have taken so far. Fish will never avoid the food you give to them no matter they are still full from previous food.

You also need to understand that the leftover food you give to the fish will always remain on the bottom of the tank. If you keep feeding them all the time, the leftover will cause other harm to your fish. For instant food, it will make ammonia sedimentation and will make your fish sick. Similar to humans, if you put them together with the wasted food, they will face uncomfortable in the tank.

  1. Put the wrong fish type in the same tank

As we know, some fish is calm, and others are fierce and aggressive. You must understand that if you put the aggressive with the calm one together, the calm fish will never get the chance to have their space. Especially when you feed the fish, all food will be eaten by the aggressive one with their quick speed. Later, calm fish cannot get the food you give to them.

Also, some carnivore fish really will it other omnivore fish especially if they have a smaller size than the carnivore. Do not get disappointed when you go out of the home and cannot find your omnivore fish. Your carnivore fish may eat them while you do not pay attention to them.

  1. Overcleaning the tank

Same as overfeeding, overcleaning is commonly done by a beginner. They are too excited to start this hobby, they will never let any single dirt and mold in the tank. Making sure that the tank is clean is good for their home, however, you have to know some bacteria is also good for your tank. The good bacteria will help the fish to absorb ammonia from the fish and food waste. Besides, the mold will help them to adapt easily to their new habitation especially for freshwater fish like neon tetra, betta, and guppies.